Stranger Danger! 8 Bizarre Comments and Parenting Gems from Total Strangers

I’ve never really been one to chat with strangers, but I lost any choice in the matter as soon as I had the munchkin. Apparently, if you have a baby with you when you’re out and about, you may as well be carrying a sign that says “Advice Wanted” or “Tell Me How I’m Doing”.

And so, I present 8 bizarre comments and parenting gems from total strangers:

Don’t put sunglasses on your child, the darkness is bad for his eyes.
Apparently UV rays and glaring brightness are good for his eyes.

He really should be wearing shoes.

Yes. My 3 month old would be running all over the place if only I had remembered to put on his shoes.

Isn’t he going to be cold?

No matter what we dress our child in, apparently it is never enough for our “frigid Canadian winters”. Maybe if he was wearing two snowsuits and a parka…

Isn’t he going to be hot?

Dip his pacifier in rum, that will ease his teething pain.

This one is usually met with the awkward laugh and nod combination. Yeah. I’m going to give him rum.

She’s a cutie – what’s her name?
A woman asked this while I was out with my son. On the one hand he was only a few weeks old, so it’s hard to tell gender just by looking. On the other hand, he was wearing this:


Boys Rule!

An old woman actually shrieked and scurried away onto the grass in terror once as the munchkin and I passed her on the sidewalk.  Of course she assumed we were going to run her down with the stroller, but that’s just crazy.  Old people are hardly worth any points.

I think he’s hungry.
Thank you random stranger for being so attuned to my baby’s needs. Should I whip out my boob while we’re waiting in line to pay for our groceries? Or show you the bottle he just finished?

What stranger stupidity have you been subjected to? Post your stories below so we can all laugh and roll our eyes at them!


2 thoughts on “Stranger Danger! 8 Bizarre Comments and Parenting Gems from Total Strangers

  1. I also get the “he’s hungry” comment about my 10-month old when he bites on his stroller toys. Don’t people who’ve raised children know that at that age babies constantly put things in their mouth? I explain constantly that he’s teething and puts everything in his mouth, even if he’s already been fed.

    My husband and I sometimes take our son to a restaurant for dinner within walking distance to where we live. We’ll often show up around 7-8 pm and one of the servers always makes comments about him being up late and wanting to know what time he goes to bed. I eventually got tired of explaining that he sometimes wakes up late from his afternoon nap because he fell asleep at 5 pm instead of 3 or 4 pm so he’s not going to go to bed for the night at 7 to 8 and that I put him to bed on these days at 9-9:30, but that things will eventually even out when we transition from 2 naps a day to 1 nap. I now just say, “he’ll be ready to go to bed when we get home.”

    • I hear ya! Our little guy tends to be late to bed, late to rise and I’ve had strangers make comments when we’re out late & he’s awake. I feel like I should just make pamphlets outline his entire eat/sleep cycle and just hand them out when people say anything (or give you that look…)

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