I’m baaaaaack!

Well, I’ve been MIA for damn near a month but here I am, back in action after the craziness of the holiday season. Munchkin’s first Christmas was pretty awesome. He went 8 hours without napping on Christmas Eve with nary a meltdown (who can nap when you’re being passed like a jug of wine and you have three older cousins who are going completely bat-shit crazy over you?). Christmas day we drove three hours to stay at my in-laws for a few days where he and I both managed to dodge the nasty cold that was taking the family down one by one. New Years Eve we “partied” it up with two other parent couples (and by “partied” I of course mean staying awake past midnight by choice, which is pretty kick ass).


Happy New Year, Ladies

So now it’s back to life as usual – the tree is down (lies, it is standing bare in our diningroom waiting to be taken out to the garage), and the presents are (kinda sorta) packed away. Next up I’ll be posting about our pre-Christmas trip to the Bahamas, so until then!


I Heart Pinterest

Oh Pinterest, you’re always there for me during those 5 am feedings. And after seeing several baby-with-christmas-lights photos, I enlisted my awesome soon-to-be sister-in-law to recreate them. (Phew, could there BE any more hyphens? Anyway…)

And they look awesome. Even better than many of the ones out there, I might dare say (not that I’m biased). Take a look, and pin it if you like it!