“Seriously?!?” 5 baby moments that make you wish you never got out of bed that day.

Being a mom opens the door to some beautiful, joyous moments.

These are NOT those moments.

1. You’re out with your baby and he has a major diaper blowout. You thank god you packed an extra set of clothes…until you realize that you didn’t pack any diapers…

2. You make a playdate weeks in advance, and your little one wakes up that morning crusted with snot and sneezing all over you.

3. You take your little one’s bib off so everyone can see his cute outfit…only for him to choose that moment to barf all over himself.

4. Diaper change time! You wrestle him out of his wet diaper, slap a clean one on, do up all his onesie snaps, and play “catch the flailing baby legs” so you can get his pants back on. And right about then you notice some grunting and a faint poop odour coming from the little rascal…

5. Your little guy is *finally* asleep for his nap. You wash a couple dishes, take out the garbage, then tip toe past his room for your nap. And the second your head touches the pillow? Your baby is screaming like the illegitimate love child of a banshee and a fire alarm.

Post your “seriously?!?” moments below!


7 thoughts on ““Seriously?!?” 5 baby moments that make you wish you never got out of bed that day.

  1. LOL! Those all had me smiling and nodding because that is exactly what babies are good at!! How about the baby that is quiet and happy all through the waiting of an event (wedding, funeral, etc) and then when it STARTS, they begin crying? 😉

    • Totally, they have a keen sense of timing! When he was little that always happened to us at dinner – he would be sleeping or quietly playing and then as soon as I picked up a fork he would suddenly cry as though he was the most starving hard-done-by baby ever.

      • Mine too! And also at night a lot of times. Sleeping peacefully, and then as soon as I hit the pillow – AWAKE! 😛 lol

  2. This is my life right now. I didn’t know 5 week olds could have blow outs. I thought that was saved for later. And the sleeping thing? Exactly. I just gave up on taking naps during the day. My favorite WTF is all of the peeing on himself he does. I try to be quick, but I am no match for the Urinator. And no matter how many time I tuck his wee wee down in his diaper, it will still seep out the side of the diaper somehow. I told my husband I would just like one day where I didn’t have pee on me. Just one.

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